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I was introduced to FM on July 26, 2012 and at the time was still very unfamiliar to me and I don't know anything about it's quality.
After I succeed to sell two bottles of FM perfume, I work hard and focus on running this business, then in a few months, I reached the level of Pearl Orchid.

Experience the most exciting and unforgettable was when I go to Poland for 12 days and also attended in the FM Group World 10th Anniversary in Dubai.

There is nothing difficult but nothing too easy. As long as you have the will of all the things you want, you can reach it.


Agustinus Halim

Amarant Orchid from Indonesia - a country with a thousand island!

I was introduced to FM Group by my friend, Alexis, from Cyprus. And right away I was interested and directly looked for more information about the products, the company and the market potential in Indonesia.

My business instinct was telling me: "FM Group will become big in Indonesia because of the product quality, the affordable price and the support from a solid international company".

In the beginning, in January 2011, I found many difficulties in introducing FM product to the market. I didn't have presentation materials nor had I knowledge about Perfume. I received many rejections. However, with my Passion towards FM products, Believe in FM Group company and the Commitment to be successull in FM, I keep focusing at introducing FM to anyone without hesitatation.

Slowly starting from 3% level, I reached the Amarant Orchid position and I do believe to become DIAMOND Orchid is only a matter of time. 

In this business, I get 2 main satisfactions, namely: 1. Satisfaction from earning money for my family. 2. Satisfaction from seeing my business partners earn money and being successful in this business.

So why do you need to wait? Let's join with us at FM Group Indonesia. Wish you all Success with FM Group.

Agustinus Halim (ID: 133.000.021)

Agustinus Halim

Agus Kurniawan

Amaranth Orchid at FM Group Indonesia

I have always loved perfumes, and since my early beginning when I got introduced to FM Group in July 2012, I have became very enthusiastic about the FM products perfume. This enthusiasm lasts until today.

In FM Group, I see the opportunity that cannot be given by another perfume company in the world. 

Yes, it is not easy to run this business in the beginning, when you don't understand how to do this business. But with tremendous support from the Company, sponsors and business team, everything else becomes easy. You get all the profits from this business - from substantial income, a luxury car and traveling around the world.

My advice to you: always share happiness and this opportunity wherever you are, because the fragrance is a language that is easy to understand and well liked among all people, old-young, men-women, wherever they are. You can help others to achieve their dreams.

See you at the Top!

Agus Kurniawan

Jaumil Diandri Putra Perkasa

Pearl Orchid at FM Group Indonesia

Around 2 to 3 years ago, I was looking for a way to find an extra income. Many opportunities came by but I did not feel attracted. Until a friend introduced me to FM.

At that very moment I felt in love with the products. I'm very positive about the company and I'm very passionate about the business opportunity that FM brought. Even though had not yet envisioned to go as far as the Diamond and reach the most luxurious life style, I can see it as the best opportunity to make extra income.

There are ups and downs in the business, but overall, I see it as a process to learn and strengthen the relationships and also grow even bigger business.

After more than 2 years in the business, now I can see more clearly my own future and the future of my serious downlines. We have the responsibility to share this opportunity to our families, friends and colleagues. My advice: You just have to tell the story of FM to as many people as you can, don’t limit your capabilities and always go the extra miles. Do consultations and always attend the meetings with the groups.


Jaumil Diandri Putra Perkasa