How to Join & Order

Become a Partner

Become a Partner

Step 1: Your Sponsor at FM Group


A very important person for every FM Member is an Sponsor - a person who is a mentor and a partner in operating FM GROUP business.

Your Sponsor can act as your direct Placement in the FM Group network. Or he / she can only recommend you to join FM Group under another existing Business Partner. 

Make sure you provide us with a distributor data of your Placement Sponsor upon signing a Membership Agreement with FM Cosmetics Malaysia. If you do not know personally any existing FM GROUP Business Partner, you can contact us and we will assist you in finding a suitable person. 

For online registrations, if you do not fill in the data fields of the Sponsor and Placement, we will contact you and assist you in the process.



Step 2: Register


You can register in 2 simple ways:

IMPORTANT: you should submit one Application only. When you submit a paper copy of the Application, please do not register on-line.



Membership Agreement form can be provided by any Business Partner of FM Group (also from another country). He/she can be your direct Placement (your structure will be directly placed under this person) or just someone who has recommended FM Group to you.

After having completed the Membership Agreement form, you shall sign it and send the original along with a copy of your ID card to our office.

To speed up the process you may first send the scan to our email address: 

After receiving your application for membership, we will send you a Welcome Letter via email and/or sms with:

a)  information about Membership fee;

b)  your FM Membership ID number;

c)  your temporary password to access “Member’s Zone”. 


You can also register online at  Please fill in the required online form, and click Submit button. Your details will be automatically recorded in our database.

After submitting your Application for Membership in FM Group, you will receive a Welcome Letter via email with:

a)  information about Membership fee;

b)  your FM Membership ID number;

c)  your temporary password to access “Member’s Zone”

Please note, that when you register online, you no longer have an obligation to send a paper copy of the Membership Agreement.