'Mercedes for Success' & local car program

'Mercedes for Success' & local car program

FM GROUP World and Mercedes-Benz Car have entered into partnership in 2008. This cooperation is a foundation of FM GROUP’s prestigious program for business leaders - MERCEDES for SUCCESS.  During 6 years of this successful partnership, FM GROUP provided cars to hundreds of business partners in Poland and several more markets. Depending on the achieved level, the leaders received Mercedes cars class A, C, E, or S.

FM Cosmetics Malaysia also participates in the Mercedes for Success Program. Based on our qualifications, Mercedes Benz class C, E or S may be available to the leaders at the levels of Golden Orchid or Diamond Orchid. 

However, in addition to help the Buisness Partners from the lower levels to achieve their dreams about having their own car, we provide a local car program in cooperation with Toyota. 

Please contact us to discuss the details.  We will support you in achieveing your goals!